Masonry Renovation – Custom Stonework

Project Details

In 2010 we undertook what we thought was “merely” the renovation of a very poorly laid 1,600 square foot bluestone patio, but what quickly snowballed into a massive renovation of all the masonry at a home in North Hampton, NH. The original patio, retaining walls, exterior veneer and chimneys had been executed so poorly that while only 7 years old, were on the verge of complete failure.

Photo (left): One of the original walls
(note excessive efflorescence):

What is efflorescence?
Efflorescence is a type of discoloration (usually white in color) that occasionally develops on the surface of concrete or stonework.

Photo (left): The original chimney cap

Photo (left): The original block work

Photo (left): The renovated block work

Completed Project Photos:

In the end, Atlas Stone Works replaced the stone patio, stone retaining walls, chimneys, and over 2,500 square feet of natural stone veneer on the house. Below are some photos of the completed project: